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If Hawk and Dove is cancelled why give Rob Liefeld 3 more DCnU titles to kill?

I’ll admit to enjoying some of Rob Liefeld’s earlier work way back in the 90s. I enjoyed Cable and Liefeld’s first Hawk and Dove at the time, but my tastes improved and I knew better than to like Youngblood – that was really bad and heralded my loss of interest in his work. His unfortunate homophobic reaction to Peter David’s fanning the flames of the on-record bromance between Rictor and Shatterstar into a full-fledged romance aside, his recent work has been pretty abysmal.

Hawk and Dove #7

It has been announced that as of February’s Hawk and Dove #6 Rob Liefeld replaced Sterling Gates as writer of the series. Apparently that announcement was about all it took to put the last nail in Hank and Dawn’s coffin. Hawk and Dove is cancelled as of issue #8, and with “new” character designs like the BLATANT Kraven The Hunter ripoff on the cover of #7 it’s no wonder reader confidence is low. I’d cancel it too.

What I WOULDN’T do is give Rob Liefeld 3 MORE DCnU titles to lead to the slaughterhouse. Luckily these titles aren’t any that I’d been reading, so when Rob takes over as writer & artist on Deathstroke and as writer on Grifter and Savage Sword of Hawkman with issue #9 I won’t have to drop them.

Deathstroke #9 Grifter #9 Savage Sword of Hawkman #9

Hawk and Dove is one of 6 cancelled titles (along with Blackhawks, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C. and Static Shock) to be replaced with new books in the second wave of the “NEW 52.” Liefeld’s assignment to these books has inspired an almost unanimously negative reaction (on forums, article comments, facebook alike) by the always outspoken internet populace. Which leads me to believe they WANT to kill these titles due to low numbers in preparation for a 3rd Wave.

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Fuck U Rob! – Who Gives 2 Shits what U think?!?!


GayComicGeek was so livid about Rob Liefeld’s recent comments, that he resurrected his belligerent alter ego the AngryComicBookNerd and really says it best with this posts title.

And thanks for another Shout-out! Love your reviews! In case you folks hadn’t heard, apparently Rob Liefeld has locked down the threads on this topic at his own forum. I guess he was not getting the usual verbal handjob he has come to expect from his adoring fans. Anyone who runs a forum that way is just interested in hearing his own opinion echoed back.

I’ll keep covering the developing relationship between Rictor and Shatterstar (#46 is out NEXT WEEK!!!), but I’ve given homophobic hack Rob Liefeld too much press already. So feel free to pester him if you like, but barring further developments, I’m going to move on. There is just no sense arguing with a waste of human flesh.

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Rob Liefeld hopes to de-gay Shatterstar and Rictor

Although I doubt Marvel would ever even consider giving him the chance, the 90′s MOST overrated comic artist, often ridiculed X-Force creator Rob Liefeld has now gone on record as saying…

“As the guy that Created, designed and wrote his first dozen appearances, Shatterstar is not gay. Sorry Can’t wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived. Shatterstar is akin to Maximus in Gladiator. He’s a warrior, a Spartan, and not a gay one.”

The capital “C” on “Created” is a direct quote – hmmm, God complex? It doesn’t matter what he thought about the character as it’s creator. He created Shatterstar for Marvel and whatever they publish with that character is canon whether it comes from the mind of the original creator or not. Get over it Rob.

Shatterstar #1 of 4 Shatterstar #2 of 4 Shatterstar #3 of 4 Shatterstar #4 of 4

the Blogger at Southern4Life really said it best – “Seems totally contrived, Rob? We can say that about your art as well.

When a fan pointed out while “Liefeld created Shatterstar and did several issues with him, he isn’t the only one that’s written him, and he isn’t the only one that has contributed to his character,” to which Liefeld replied…

“Your opinion doesn’t change the fact that it sucks and its not a positive move in most fans eyes.”

Shatterstar Shatterstar

I have already been “banned” (I registered using my other handle pxlforge – figuring heroesnhunks might get me banned before I even got in) from Rob Liefeld’s forum for posting my dissenting opinion. I posted nothing against the rules, just the following…

Umm did you people actually READ X-Force after Liefeld left? There were MANY hints as to the relationship between Shatterstar and Rictor. I for one am happy to see Marvel having the balls to finally follow through on the old sub-plots. With his comment about undoing PAD’s story, I bet Marvel never lets Rob near the character again.

Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments

I thought he probably promptly deleted my comment from the forum, but I got a form submission from congratulating me on my “nice hit & run on Liefeld’s board.” So it was up AT LEAST long enough for someone to read it and track me down. Let me know if it is still there. I AM ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING ALL OF YOU TO REGISTER AND CYBER-BULLY ROB LIEFELD (nothing illegal or life threatening – I just want him to understand his opinion isn’t the only one). C’mon, It’ll be fun! Like Kathy Griffen on Ryan Secrest!

If you are unfamiliar with his anatomy-mangling artwork, be sure to check out Rob Liefeld’s 40 Worst Drawings and one he stole from John Byrne. As anyone can tell by his ridiculously passe drawing style, Liefeld’s time on high-profile books is long past so we REALLY shouldn’t worry.

Here is a comment from current X-Factor writer Peter Allan David about his reasons for bringing back the Shatterstar / Rictor pairing…

here’s the bottom line: The only capacity in which anyone was asking to see the return of Shatterstar was in conjunction with addressing his past with Rictor (a past, I should emphasize, with which I had no creative involvement.) Absolutely no one was saying, “Gee, I always liked Shatterstar, I’d like to see him return.” If they were, they sure weren’t saying it to me. But, “Hey, Peter, with Rictor in the book, we’d love to see you bring back Shatterstar and have them pick up where they left off”…THAT I was hearing a lot. There seemed to be interest in it. So I figured, What the heck. No one else is doing anything with Shatterstar. I might as well.

Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments
Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments

a few more extremely choice replies from PAD

when you (Rob Liefeld) put forward comments that begin with, essentially, “Some of my best friends are gay” and end with “I can’t wait to undo this,” you have to be screamingly naive to not realize you’re going to come across as a raging homophobe.

Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments

Rob…seriously…you can’t have it both ways. You stated that your work on Shatterstar in his first dozen appearances locked in that he wasn’t gay, or bi. His first dozen appearances did not constitute nineteen years worth of stories. The fact is that various people have done far more with Shatterstar than you did, and drawn many lines connecting him with Rictor. Now perhaps you didn’t read those issues, or perhaps you thought all those were stupid as well. Which is fine; you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, and considering you created the character, your opinion carries much weight. But you don’t get to act as if for nineteen solid years the character (who for a sizable percentage of those years has been MIA) has never displayed the slightest homosexual tendency when the fact is that other writers have implied exactly that. In other words, he’s been of ambiguous sexual orientation for far longer than the dozen appearances where you say he wasn’t.

Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments Shatterstar and Rictor's gayest moments

And what is your vision of Shatterstar?
He’s brave? Check.
Strong? Check.
Valiant warrior? Check.
Dedicated to his team mates? Check.
A hero? Check.
Big honkin’ swords? Check.
Garish costume and ridiculously long hair? Well…you can’t have everything.

Ask yourself: How much of your vision of your favorite character involved his sexuality? I’m guessing little-to-none. Meantime, aside from his ensemble and coiffure, he’s the same guy he always was. So basically your favorite character has returned and you’re going to…what? Not read about it? Because he cares about another man? Does that seem reasonable to you? If you believe it is, I respect that. But to me…it doesn’t.

Rictor and Madox joke around Rictor and Madox joke around

Peter Allan David rocks! I’ve been a fan of his since I first read his work on the Hulk (circa his involvement with the Pantheon). Click to read his interesting comments about what was happening at Marvel after Northstar came out.

The story has been picked up by Advocate, CBR, Perez Hilton, AfterElton

via ShatteringEarth, Robot6, ShirtlessSuperheroes, PennyArcade, ToplessRobot, and

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