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If Hawk and Dove is cancelled why give Rob Liefeld 3 more DCnU titles to kill?

I’ll admit to enjoying some of Rob Liefeld’s earlier work way back in the 90s. I enjoyed Cable and Liefeld’s first Hawk and Dove at the time, but my tastes improved and I knew better than to like Youngblood – that was really bad and heralded my loss of interest in his work. His unfortunate homophobic reaction to Peter David’s fanning the flames of the on-record bromance between Rictor and Shatterstar into a full-fledged romance aside, his recent work has been pretty abysmal.

Hawk and Dove #7

It has been announced that as of February’s Hawk and Dove #6 Rob Liefeld replaced Sterling Gates as writer of the series. Apparently that announcement was about all it took to put the last nail in Hank and Dawn’s coffin. Hawk and Dove is cancelled as of issue #8, and with “new” character designs like the BLATANT Kraven The Hunter ripoff on the cover of #7 it’s no wonder reader confidence is low. I’d cancel it too.

What I WOULDN’T do is give Rob Liefeld 3 MORE DCnU titles to lead to the slaughterhouse. Luckily these titles aren’t any that I’d been reading, so when Rob takes over as writer & artist on Deathstroke and as writer on Grifter and Savage Sword of Hawkman with issue #9 I won’t have to drop them.

Deathstroke #9 Grifter #9 Savage Sword of Hawkman #9

Hawk and Dove is one of 6 cancelled titles (along with Blackhawks, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C. and Static Shock) to be replaced with new books in the second wave of the “NEW 52.” Liefeld’s assignment to these books has inspired an almost unanimously negative reaction (on forums, article comments, facebook alike) by the always outspoken internet populace. Which leads me to believe they WANT to kill these titles due to low numbers in preparation for a 3rd Wave.

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Brightest Day #13 – HALFTIME POLL!

OK with issue #13, Brightest Day reaches the halfway mark of its planned 26 issue bi-weekly run. Newsarama asked their viewers which of the various storylines featured was their favorite. So far Aquaman, Mera and the origin of Aqualad is running in the lead. I would have thought the continuation of the Black Lantern threat would have placed higher.

Brightest Day #13 Brightest Day #13 Brightest Day #12
Brightest Day #13 Brightest Day #13 Brightest Day #13 Brightest Day #14

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DC Direct: Brightest Day Series 1 & 2 Action Figures

DC Direct has treated the geek community with a rare pre-comicon action figure revelation… The first 2 waves of Brightest Day Series 1 & 2 Action Figures. These look particularly good.

DC Direct's Brightest Day Series 1 and 2

Starting in March 2011, DC DIRECT will kick off another series of high-quality and story-specific product, this time based around the hit biweekly series, BRIGHTEST DAY. We’ve got a first look at the first two waves, which include Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Deadman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm and Mera.

So if you already have a collection of their killer Black Lantern figures, this is probably going to be the next droolworthy item on your toy wishlist. LOVE the Aquaman – he’s a must have – probably get Mera too. Firestorm I like, but unless he comes with flight stand like the Jason Rusch version I’ll skip it. I want the Hawks, Martain Manhunter and Green Arrow too. All things considered, a great line up. Hope we get a wave 3 with Osiris, Maxwell Lord, White Lantern Deadman and Ice (in the RIGHT costume!!!).

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The dawn of Brightest Day continues…

I think I was hoping I would think these biweekly series were lame. I skipped Trinity, but followed Countdown and 52. I DO NOT need more books to add to my pile – this is an expensive habit. Its not as bad as heroin or drag, but the weekly spending adds up fast. But I’m out of luck. It’s interesting and I’m being drawn in against my own wishes. The recent resurectees are in for a rough ride… the nuclear matrix that powers Firestorm is out of control – and I think the Blank Lantern personality might still be in there with Ronald and Jason. Aquaman seems to either be controlling dead sealife – or killing live sealife and THEN controlling it – not sure which, Black Manta and Scorch (I presume) are back and in a homicidal mood. The Hawks are sick of being kicked around by fate (and I don’t mean the Doctor) and aren’t going to take it anymore. Hath-Set better watch his ass. All that plus White Lantern Boston Brand vs. the Anti Monitor? I’m staying tuned.

Brightest Day #2 Brightest Day #2 Brightest Day #2 Brightest Day #2
Brightest Day #2 Brightest Day #2 Brightest Day #2 Brightest Day #2

BRIGHTEST DAY continues, but in ways you can’t possibly expect! What does BRIGHTEST DAY mean to the DC Universe? Is everything from here on out going to be bright and shiny? No, BRIGHTEST DAY means something else entirely, something we can’t tell you…yet. But we can tell you our heroes will need to rise up more than ever to combat the forces of evil, and a select few will uncover a secret that binds them ALL.

Brightest Day #1 Brightest Day #1
Brightest Day #1 Brightest Day #1 Brightest Day #1 Brightest Day #1

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Geoff Johns’ ABSOLUTE JUSTICE on Smallville

I’m SO EXCITED!!!! I’m trying to explain the historical significance of the Justice Society of America‘s first Primetime appearance to Popapathy but don’t think he’s feeling my joy.

Sylvester Pemberton, Courtney Whitmore, Wesley Dodds, Carter Hall, Kent Nelson… LOVED IT!!! Biggest nerdgasm I’ve seen on TV EVER. So many fanboy nods! The shots in museum panning over the memorabilia were magnificent and I loved the painting… anyone seen the image online yet?

Smallville and the JSA

A bit surprised Clark never thought to ask why they all looked so young. I’m hoping that Geoff Johns is grooming JSA to be Smallville’s spinoff successor. But if he is, the costumes need work. Stargirl looked OK, but how hard is it to design a belly shirt and hot pants. I stick by my original assertion that Hawkman should have been played by someone who was more believable as a mace-wielding barbarian. The ab covering harness looked ridiculous with Shanks’ (nice for an ordinary human but far from the Hawkman we are accustomed to) arms coming out of it. Dr Fate looked like he was wearing football pads under his blue spandex. Either cast actors who have the physique to fill the costume or hire better costume designers.

BUT enough negativity… costumes aside I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the 2 hour special episode. I hadn’t realized Checkmate was part of it until I read the on demand episode synopsis. Pam Grier as Amanda Waller is sheer brilliance and it looks like we’ve not seen the last of her… or hopefully the JSA. FINGERS CROSSED! WE LOVE YOU GEOFF JOHNS!

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Countdown to Smallville: Absolute Justice


The highlight of the last season of Smallville was the Legion of Superheroes episode written by Geoff Johns. So of course I was overjoyed to hear that he was bringing the superteam he made great again to the small screen – The legendary Justice Society!!!! Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Stargirl are the announced guest stars, but I’d expect a few more easter eggs for the fanboys in the viewing audience. Absolute Justice is a special 2 hour Smallville event so be sure to tune or set your VCR, Tivo or whatever on Friday, February 5th at 8pm! Not to be missed. THERE WILL BE A TEST.

I’m not sure how I feel about the casting of Michael Shanks as Hawkman – I loved his character on Stargate, but he does not have the body of a mace-wielding winged barbarian. Carter Hall may be an archeologist by trade, but he looked more like a mercenary. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I see the episode, but from the look of Shank’s arms in the costume, I doubt it.


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3 members of Goeff Johns’ JSA stand revealed!

If you are 1/2 the Geoff Johns fan that I am you are waiting on pins and needles for the January episode of Smallville entitled “Society.” Johns gave fans the following tidbits via Twitter…

Yes, Hawkman will have wings. And a big mace. Oh. And he and Green Arrow don’t get along. At all.

Michael Shanks just cannot get away from Egyptian symbology as he’s stepped away from the Stargate but into the harness of Hawkman, whose origin is deeply rooted in ancient Egypt. The actor playing Doctor Fate is another Stargate refugee… Brent Strait. The presence of Britt Irvin as Stargirl threw me – I was thinking abut the predecessors of the JLA in a mentoring role to Clark, not so much the modern legacy JSA members. I wonder if any of the other new blood will show up?

Hawkman - Carter Hall? or Katar Hol? Doctor Fate: Kent Nelson? or Hector Hall? Stargirl - Courney Whitmire
Michael Shanks will be Hawkman - and yes he'll have the wings Brent Strait will be Doctor Fate Brit Irvin will be Stargirl

I LOVED last season’s Legion episode. I would be overjoyed to see a spin-off from either that episode or this upcoming “Society.” I think both are rife with possibilities. Especially if they involve the mind of Geoff Johns. My only fear is him becoming a bigtime writer for TV and not having time for the red-headed bastard stepchild that is the comics industry. I’m talking to YOU Heinberg!

via Newsarama

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