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Legendary Studs of Yore

The rapidly revolving door that is the gay porn industry often leaves us with many favorite crushes who are greatly missed when they suddenly vanish from the cast lists of upcoming new releases. These galleries are dedicated to the men and boys who have gone before. The ones lost to us after retirement due to love, religion, scandal, boredom or tragedy. This is their Hall of Fame.

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N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

They are THE LEGENDARY STUDS OF YORE! Worship them! Click the images OR names below them to visit a complete gallery of images (and video for some)!


May they all rise like phoenixes from the ashes and once again grace our screens with their unchanged presence. Well that’s probably NOT going to happen so we should enjoy their body of work.

Each gallery is filled with 40+ images as well as a biography of known info on the subject and as complete a linked filmography as is possible. Some also contain movie trailers, interviews or even full length XXX video clips!

And PLEASE tell me if you have suggestions for any of these galleries – who do YOU want to see featured? The next up on the list… is up to YOU… SO PLEASE COMMENT!


  1. Hey how about Dean Phoenix?!???! That guy is hot and has a great uncut cock

  2. Mmmm, I would love to see a Tom Chase gallery :)

  3. That could probably be arranged… He’s already on my short list – The other two got more votes, but Tom will be showing up before you know it…

  4. Tristan Paris, Dylan Reece, Steve Austin and Spike get my vote

  5. I didn’t know there was a six million dollar porn star…

    I’ll add them to list of stars for which I’m gathering images. I alread have a few images for 3 of your 4. I’ll start looking for images of Steve Austin too…

  6. If I have to chose one of the nominees, I choose Ken Ryker. If I go off script with a write in, it’s Zak Spears – hands down.

  7. scott ransome/randsome was the bomb-what happened to him?


    I loved all these guys!!
    I was always partial to Cort Stevens – his hair should have been given porn awards.


    I am so jealous!! That meaty ass was something else, and to have it pressed up against you *sigh* I was in Montreal a couple months back and got a private dance with Tony Capucci when he made a special appearance. It was true love ;-)

    Other than Cort Stevens, my favourite of that era was Mike Branson.


    You just might be in luck – I came of age on late 80 early 90's porn and Cort Stevens was always a favorite. Shortly after I moved in in the mid 90's I ventured out to the Nob Hill Theatre solely because I heard he was the visiting headliner – This was late in his career in his REALLY muscled phase when he had his spun gold long floppy hairdo. I thoroughly enjoyed a lap dance with that naked meaty ass in my lap – but It wasn't like in Fleet Week or Hard to Hold- no audience participation orgies ensued. :( still it is a treasured memory – no worries he'll be up soon – I have a few others that have had more requests… I'll be putting it up to a vote!


    Then be sure to check out the recently expanded Mike Branson Gallery!


    If I had to choose one of the nominees, it would be Jeff Quinn. Early photo sets of him made me realize I was gay. He's one hot man.

  13. I'll go Christopher Scott


    Glad SOMEONE is familiar with his work!!! Christopher Scott is one of the hottest powerbottoms ever to grace the screen – I nominated him myself and he WILL have agallery eventually regardless of votes. – may take awhile.


    i guess you don't listen to guests of your blog … (i see my last request was deleted) … how about JEFF QUINN????


    nothing was deleted – your comment about Jeff Quinn was in the post that announced the gallery index.

    He's not on the list yet because he isn't as widely popular so I have had a problem finding enough images to fill up a gallery. But he is on the radar – I have started looking for images for him – just may take awhile.

  17. Please put Bo Dixon and Tom Katt!!!!


    How about doing something on Dean Phoenix….Or Joshua Sterling


    Good morrning,

    This comment is unrelated to this specific post, couldn’t find the post I was looking for.

    However, was it you who were looking for a title of a gay adult film about an animator who’s hero drawings come to life and are acted out? Early- Mid 90′s?

    Possible Title found: Hotter Than Life, available via re-release by All Worlds Video.

    Anthony Cruz, John Sexton, Josh Conners, Kristian Brooks, Kurt Stefano, Matt Windsor, Max Grand, Roy White

    Faster than a locomotive? Sexier than Dr. Quest? Hornier than the Green Hornet? A sexy, young animators super studly cartoon heros and villains come to life and save more than just the day.

    I may have responded before, sorry if this is a duplicate comment regarding the issue, or if my blogs are confused.

    Came across it while shopping for my boyfriend’s upcoming birthday a few moments ago, and thought of you.



  20. Gordon Grant. early 1980s Colt model.

  21. How about Michael Christopher. Whatever happened to him? Loved him.

  22. i wanna see chase hunter

  23. Any pics on limited vid model ‘ Lance Corell ‘ ? Naval escort the vid

  24. Lance corral his stage name, only did one video and several magazine shoots from what I can tell. A pity given his all American hot look. Great lean athletic body and a Kevin Kramer bubble ass. I found some his images. How can I upload them ?

  25. ANyone have pics of ‘ LANCE CORELL ‘ Hot waspy athletic bottom model…

  26. I’ve had a number of requests for retired (or inactive) pornstars on a few different posts that I’ve moved over to this index where they belong. Definitely appreciate all the requests and take all into consideration when I go image hunting. Poll finalists are generally requested studs I can find a gallery’s worth of good pictures and the hunk featured is whoever gets the most votes. I try to keep it fair.

  27. Love to see the blond muscle hunk Casey Williams

  28. Lance Corell he is the masked hot athletic bottom in Naval Escort by chip daniels.. Any pics of Lance Corell ?

  29. Sorry, If Lance Corell was in just 1 movie and some magazine shoots (as Mike mentions above) it is highly unlikely I’ll be able to find enough images of him to fill a gallery. A google search didn’t turn up anything on him.

    If someone has 40+ images of him, then send them to and it might happen. Otherwise, no luck sorry. Nominees really need to have done enough movies to have images out there for me to find.

  30. I have a few images of Lance Corell and will forward

  31. Danny Sommers?

    john plante

    2 guys of yore that were blasphemedly built and handsome: Bobby Cordova aka Dakota Bradford, built better than Brent E., medium sized curved dick, beautiful Puerto Rican. Now in jail. Joe Fuller aka GI Joe, one of the most beautiful naturanl builds I ever saw, sort of like Billy Brandt, big dick,blond, not handsome but beautiful, now dead. At least give them a peek.

    john plante

    The story of gay icons is their short shelf life. Classic or vintage they are called. The present websites that feature them are few, their covering of the subject matter is scanty. Of the millions of feet of photo film and videos that exist, just a small amount of good photography is presented, half of which is blurred, some of which is shopped to look quaint or presented in black in white or sepia. I have what can be considered a vast collection of videos and films. When I view some, alone or with friends, they are as crisp and clear as new. Why, when these sources exist, are we presented with inferior stuff? I know about copyright laws, they are as easy to get around as apolagising about your mistake and saying that you’ll never do it again. You yourself block out most of your material from being downloaded. I can’t seem to find the reason for this on your site. Your site is by any measure near to the best I have seen, yet trying to find anything about, for instance, Sparky O’Toole, Vince Cobretti or Trey Neal Tempest, as prolific in the output of their craft as a Jeff Stryker, is not possible. I realize that you cannot be everything to everybody and you do a good job, just keep doing it as you do. And thanks, John of Vermont

  34. Index updated with 4 new links… I sometimes get behind in keeping the index above current, so be sure to check this link for the most recent LEGENDARY STUDS.

  35. Richard Locke (R.I.P) is definitely a legendary stud of yore. He starred in the Joe Gage trilogy of trucker films (KANSAS CITY TRUCKING CO., EL PASO WRECKING CORP, and L.A. TOOL & DIE, as well as in other videos. He was tough and masculine (he kicks a homophobe’s ass in one of the trucker films), yet he sucked dick and got fucked with obvious glee as well. Alas, I’m not sure if there are that many images of him online; I recall not finding many when I did a search years ago.

  36. cory adams of williams higgins fame.please,please,please some cory adams pictures.

  37. Hunks of quite a while ago: Jim Cassidy. Jack Wrangler, Casey Donavan, & my fav of all tim Al Parker.

    Also Eric Manchester, Ted Cox, Lon Flexx, Trent Reed, Kurt Young, Rick Chase, Matt Bradshaw, Steve O’Donnell, Jim Bentley, Chad Knight, Rob Cryson, Rod Barry.

    Don Normann

    Okay, so what Legendary Studs would I like to see? Some have already been mentioned – more than once – but going back to “the classics”…

    TY FOX

    And I will stop there…this list could get REALLY long!

  39. Maybe already mentioned

    Chad Knight
    Rob Cryson
    Rick C

  40. Try again

    Rick Chase
    Steve O’Donnell
    Max Grand
    Trevor Hansen
    Chris Stone
    Johnny Rahm


    Georgio Canalli, Kevin Stryker, Eric Manchester, Jim Bentley, Steve Kennedy, MIKE VISTA!, Casey Donovan, Leigh Erikson, Corey Monroe, Dane Fox, Matt Sizemore… I could do this all day.


    I would love to see a gallery for Sam Crockett. I always thought he was incredibly sexy and masculine.

    Ditto Anthony Gallo.

    Ditto Blake Thompson.



    Sorry, make that Blade Thompson!

    chris cox

    to those of u keeping a hard on for TOM CHASE…
    i ran into him the other day in Dallas Tx…he is FAT must be close to 320lbs
    i doubt he can see his big cock anymore..
    only chatted a few DFW…busy for flights..he was leaving, i was arriving..
    too bad..but this is what normally happens to gay porn stars or str8 porn guys who r gay…like the famous BUDDY LOVE now there was a hot HOTT man and COCK

    chris cox

    I was viewing FALCON’S Decades of Men (DVD) and i started with the 1970′s, WOW guys did we miss the party or what? These guys had it down or did they just make the rules as they went along? not sure..but this guy ROGER and JACK WRANGLER are the two gay guys responsible for levi’s. plaid shirts, work boots and the and forgive if I am missing the correct name of the t-shirt, but the tee-shirt or the daigo T were what made these guys hot, muscled up, big cocks, and i mean this ROGER guy has an incredible cock
    i had to do slo mo over and over frame by frame to get the size of his erections…flippin incredible. and this man had it all..a face like the boy next door…a body of Adonis, eyes like coal, a smile that captivates and someone taught him how to use his tool…I have gone to do research on this guy to find how many flicks he made…we owe these guys a big THANK YOU for finding the way…They are both deceased, Wrangler smoked himself to death, and ROGER supposedly was killed in a motor cycle accident. He remains ever young, but a sad life indeed.


    Isn’t it time for the Knoll “brothers”. I xcan this blogbe complete without Kip, Jeff and Scott? And how about twinky Johan Paulik


    Isn’t it time for the Knoll “brothers”. How can this bloge complete without Kip, Jeff and Scott? And how about twinky Johan Paulik


    a couple of original bel ami boys – Johan Paulik and Olivefr Krist – woukl be nice!

    chris long

    how about the first two major gay porn guys? dah…one gave his life for his lifestyle, booted by his family, and used by his promotor, BLUEBOY MAGAZINE not only used him, but cheated him out of rightfully owed moneis to him which he had to sue for, settled out of court, and than black listed from the gay porn biz…
    his name? ROGER…the man who signaled its OK not to a sissy and be gay, u don’t have to be a hair stylist or florist…u can be a football player, a construction worker or the boy next door.
    it was HE who came up with the gay uniform, levi’s, plaid shirt and work boots…amazing how the guy who is owed much is never mentioned.

  50. Lance Corell, a beautiful built sandy blonde bottom appeared in only two videos, but would be great to see in the collection.

  51. Recent self pics of Lance Corell

  52. Great to see something on Lance Corell. Was turned by his look and body.

  53. Could you do Mason Jarr please? What happened to him? Thanks.

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