Legendary Studs of Yore

The rapidly revolving door that is the gay porn industry often leaves us with many favorite crushes who are greatly missed when they suddenly vanish from the cast lists of upcoming new releases. These galleries are dedicated to the men and boys who have gone before. The ones lost to us after retirement due to love, religion, scandal, boredom or tragedy. This is their Hall of Fame.

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They are THE LEGENDARY STUDS OF YORE! Worship them! Click the images OR names below them to visit a complete gallery of images (and video for some)!


May they all rise like phoenixes from the ashes and once again grace our screens with their unchanged presence. Well that’s probably NOT going to happen so we should enjoy their body of work.

Each gallery is filled with 40+ images as well as a biography of known info on the subject and as complete a linked filmography as is possible. Some also contain movie trailers, interviews or even full length XXX video clips!

And PLEASE tell me if you have suggestions for any of these galleries – who do YOU want to see featured? The next up on the list… is up to YOU… SO PLEASE COMMENT!