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Who is the Hottest Celeb Stripper from Magic Mike?

Magic Mike is a veritable bonanza of Celebrity Beefcake. In the title role, Channing Tatum has fanned his spark of fame into a veritable bonfire of publicity… landing People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive 2012.” Now we know the magazine isn’t infallible (remember Nick Nolte in 1992), but even so I’m a bit surprised fellow Magic Mike hotties Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer or Alex Pettyfer didn’t beat him out. So I thought I’d see which of the four celebrity strippers YOU guys prefer… Channing, Joe, Matt or Alex?

Channing Tatum
Joe Manganiello
Matt Bomer
Alex Pettyfer
Channing Tatum Joe Manganiello Matt Bomer Alex Pettyfer
<a target="_blank" href="" title="Which MAGIC MIKE stud should be the next CELEBRITY BEEFCAKE?">Which MAGIC MIKE stud should be the next CELEBRITY BEEFCAKE?</a>

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    DEFINITELY Matt Bomer.

  2. Agreed. It’s Bomer.

  3. If same Vince from my heydays – good to see you.

    Curious about % boost Bomer gets for actually being gay… and the gorgeous sweet committed lets have kids type of gay.

    Does it give Bomer that extra edge over a similarly ab’d hetero ID’d hottie? Or are we all simply responding to the fact that he really is, GENUINELY the Prettiest Man in Any Room at the Moment? I will more than agree the man can move AND act (I bet he can even dance).

    Not to mention Matt Bomer has spent 3+ seasons as the fabulously styled, impeccably coiffed, unrepentant flirt of a con-man, Neil Caffrey (whether in the line of his new duty or not). I’ve probably not given the DVD season collections of White Collar QUITE the attention they deserve considering his appeal – but know I HAVE been gathering images… I’m still filling in some blanks but DID love what I saw via Hulu.


    Wow, I agree Matt is way Hot. the gay think is a bonus but it is his amazing eyes that get me.

  5. For me it was a tight choice between Bomer and Manganiello. Bomer does get a boost though, just a small one, for being gay. Pettyfer is ok but just that. Tatum doesn’t really do anything for me.

  6. Matt Bomer is the most hot of all. He have amazing eyes, fabolous body and he look so damn marvelous when he laugh or play to be serious.

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