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The BLOG is back!!!

Hi and welcome to HeroesNHunks. I’ve been away from the blog for awhile, but I’m back a bit early because I appreciate the comments. I hope your enjoy my new articles as well as the extensive older archives. I’d like to encourage readers to share your thoughts. PLEASE Click the round cornered grey box found at bottom right of each post to participate by leaving a comment.

Those new to the site should explore the page links found at the upper right corner – they lead to convenient indexes of our MANY image galleries full of Celebrity Beefcake, Fake Nudes grouped by celeb or artist, Homoerotic Art, Current and Retired Pornstars. Also of note is the LGBT Superlist which contains images and brief bios for over 300 LGBT superheroes, villains and supporting characters.

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  1. LUV your blog – I shall lurk no longer!:)

    Stellar One

    Happy to, Love what you do here!


    totally love heroes&hunks !
    you even inspired me to create my own blog about homosexuality in comics !

  4. Happiness is a lurker leaving a comment :)

    I ask for ratings so I know what you guys enjoy reading about and how you like the articles assembled here at HnH. The comments are also helpful to guage the readerships opinions, but mostly I just like to know you guys are out there and enjoy the time I put into this blog. So please say Hi! Yes lurkers I am talking to YOU.

    I know there are between 5-50 faceless readers out there at any time, so I’m always glad when one takes the time to say hi. I dream of enough comments to support a forum. But it’s good to want things I suppose.

    Glad I could help inspire another contribution to gay geekdom. I started HnH when a then-favorite blog reduced the amount of comics news and added a LOT more webporn.

    Your blog looks cool. I’m a big Joss Whedon fan. Never missed an episode of Buffy TVS and enjoyed season 8 comic. I need to check out the Dollhouse comic. Please feel free to use/translate and link to any of my posts :)

    Kit Pryde

    So I need to say thanks, because of you I can mix my 2 favorite things; men and comics. I love to come to your site, I love the hot gay men and also the comic, movies, and random things you blog about. So it is very entertaining. If I ever decide to make some amateur videos, I will make sure you are the first to know buddy, it’s the least I could do!! Thanks again.



    You should really try a forum !
    If you want I can put Heroesnhunks in my links.
    Could you do the same for me ?
    Maybe you have some french readers lurking around who would like it.

  7. Until/unless I see more general commentary on my posts, I’m not sure if I’ll take the time to set up a forum. Not sure the if I build it they will come mantra will work. I need to see more of a community forming. Once it does, I’ll be HAPPY to provide a forum.


    You know we love all the hard work! I try to comment a lot cuz i know it makes a difference. But I forget to rate when i’m not commenting. I’ll try to do that more often.


    if not a forum, what about a facebook page ?

  10. I didn’t say NO forum, just that you all have to speak up a bit b4 I’ll build one.

    actually I think I’m the only person online who DOESN’T like Facebook. Friends keep thinking that putting something on Facebook is the same as actually telling someone. I’m busy enough looking for stuff to put up here and then actually writing articles to sift through people announcement that they got a Iced tea somewhere. Same with Twitter. I do have accounts for both, But I don’t read them. I just post to them to bring traffic here. Links to Facebook, Twitter etc under “heroes-n-hunks” in right sidebar blogroll (between “Graphic Design” and “News & Politics”). So feel free to follow n friend etc.

    Nick. C.

    Jusrt a quick Hi- to say I love your blog!!:0- See I told ya I woulnt lurk in the shadows so much:)


    Great blog.
    Even though it only has two eps out and one is not subbed yet, I was wondering what you thought of the X-Men anime that is running now. Awesome art by Madhouse animation house. Even though Storm looks like she was patterned after Mary J. Blige. Which I have no problems with. lol.

  13. I’ve only seen the trailer. Honestly I’m not generally a big anime fan. But I’ll have to check it out.

    panic porn

    love your entry.thank you

  15. Glad to see you back up :)

  16. enjoy the site

    looking forward to new posts soon

    Captain Lucky

    Stopping by to say hiya buddy!

    Brazil Guy 20

    Great blog.. Congratulations for the blog..Very good ur material..

    Like so much hehe


    So glad to see you were back! You’ve been missed. I have your blog listed in my Faves so when I open all my Fave links at once on my Internet “check-in,” it was always sad to see yours (but happy too cause I knew you were doing life stuff). Now I get to see more of the two things we both love so much. :)

  20. seems like this place is dead, which is a shame.

  21. what happened to this place, it used to be so good :(


    I miss your blog — it was always fun and sexy and hot!

  23. fanboi sounds like a nice person

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