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GLEE has NOT had enough of Silly Love Songs

And neither have we, right? Just because I haven’t had a free moment to watch last night’s GLEE, doesn’t mean YOU have to wait. I’ll watch it after I get back from my weekly ritual of visiting the comic book store then reading a few books over calamari and a lemon drop. OK – BACK post ritual – will pause and comment as I watch so expect a long post in an uncharacteristically stream of consciousness style.

Aw, Kurt’s “glee” at Blaine knowing his coffee order reminds me of my caffeine-obsessed Popapathy. His is the only coffee order I know. I’ve seen Blaine singing to Gap boy, but even if I hadn’t I would know the guys Blaine is referring to is not Kurt. Hating the impending heartbreak that I KNOW is coming.

OK Finn is getting a bit full of himself… who will be taking him down a peg? Of course Santana steps up as it is what she lives for, but OUCH the crowd turns on her and it gets UGLY!

Lauren Zizes is one smart cookie. By 1st showing interest and THEN rejecting him, she ensured captain alpha male Puck will become obsessed.

Heartbreak is here, but at least Kurt gets a sleepover with his best girlfriends to help him “harness the pain.”

OMFG Fat Bottom Girls You Make the Rockin’ World Go Round! Puck is SUCH A FUCKING CHARMER! This is KILLING a seriously bewildered Santana. OH, looks like Puck’s idea of smooth needs work.

Finn is kinda pissin’ me off. Totally disrespecting Sam (in regards to Quinn) and using the same alpha male moves on her that Puck did while she was dating Finn. He keeps shifting from likable to unlikeable and back and forth as the season progresses. SEE – he was just so sweet to Rachel. But predicting he’ll be a prick to someone else in 5 minutes…


Artie rocks. He and Brittany are kinda adorable. Cute number

Santanna vs Zizes… totally reminding me of Queen Latifah vs some skinny bitch in that Steve Martin movie. Do NOT try to take on the state Greco Wrestling champ in a brawl. Generally NOT a “good” idea. For future reference.

I don’t like the Quinn, Sam, Finn, Rachel rectangle… wait the voiceover said pentagon… who is the 5th?

I think Blaine wants Jeremiah for his hair and his Gap discount? I’ll pass on both. I loved the number – but I was worried I might get Jeremiah in trouble, but didn’t expect that. Sucks. I thought Blaine knew was out at work, you can’t just do that without finding out something like that, outing is not cool. Still you can’t fire someone for being sung at, can you? Poor Blaine, pretty soundly unvalentined.

You MUST respect the evil that is Santanna. That should expose the pair of cheaters.

What’s wrong with Tina?

So Kurt/Blaine is not out of the question, Blaine is just as clueless as Kurt about relationships. But to those around them, in many ways they are already in one. So the questions is… is Blaine attracted to Kurt? I’m guessing no or he’s have noticed Kurt’s feelings.

Another Warblers number? Looks like the dangers of this becoming the Kurt show are over, it’s already the Blaine show. And SANTANA is officially the 5th person in the pentagram!

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    LOVED Silly Love Songs! An all-time fave song!

  2. I’m continually amazed at how much drama they can pack into one episode. I think Puck was originally involved in the pentangle, but now that he’s after Zizes, looks like it’s definitely Santana shaking things up. I was amazed she was still able to form words after that beating she took! I loved all the silly love songs. Tina is always crying! lol

    Stellar One

    The Tina crying thing bit was a bit much. I get that they were going for irony but it just came off wrong. I’m dying to see if Kurt and Dave can couple up. I find my self rooting for that more and more. I love Blaine but I just don’t see the Kurt and Blaine coupling panning out.

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