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Justice League The Rise and Fall BEGINS!

UPDATE: Chat with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on Twitter about Justice League : The Rise and Fall today (03.10.10) at 6:30pm EST

With Justice League: Cry for Justice in the can and its secrets out of the bag we can really talk about this. How do YOU feel about the wanton destruction of whole cities not to mention killing off fictional toddlers with a lineage that makes possible great potential for good OR evil depending on the ideas of future writers. I get that they wanted to send Green Arrow down a dark path, but killing off his goddaughter Lian along with 90,000 other Star City citizens?

I think we are heading into the dangerous territory of bloody carnage for the sake of shock value. I wonder if he’s going to run into Lian’s mom Cheshire on the dark path? I bet she’ll be mighty PISSED! Her being on his side might snap him out of it?

Justice League Rise and Fall, The Fall of Green Arrow, The Rise of Arsenal

The aftershocks of Green Arrow’s actions at the end of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE are only beginning to be felt, as the heroic community that includes Ollie’s teammates begin to discover just how far the Emerald Archer went. How can Green Arrow face his friends after taking justice into his own hands? Find out here, courtesy of writer J.T. Krul and an all-star art crew including Mike Mayhew, Diogenes Neves and Fabrizio Fiorentino.

Justice League Rise and Fall Special Justice League Rise and Fall Special Justice League Rise and Fall Special Justice League Rise and Fall Special
Last page of Justice League Cry for Justice Justice League Rise and Fall Special

Now as to poor Roy’s arm, that although I think it was just as violent and unnecessarily shocking as the rest of Cry for Justice, I will be so happy to see him give up the Red Arrow identity. I always felt it was a step back for the character.

On Ollie killing Prometheus… more power to him. He DEFINITELY had it coming. You don’t get to kill 90,000+ people AND the god-daughter of a JLA member and live. Will the JLA feel the same way? I bet a few might agree. I’m more interested in why Ollie was able to put an arrow through his metal visor so easily. Hope it’s not another doppelganger.

via TheSource

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  1. I’m glad that Ollie’s getting a gravitas upgrade. Destroying Lian & Star City? Not so thrilling.

    What I *don’t* understand is why it’s such a big deal that Roy’s arm got ripped off. In the real world, sure, I get it, but in the DCU he’s just going cybernetic and it’ll be more awesomer. Yep. “More Awesomer.”

  2. It’s good that things happen in comic books that can’t be undone. Or at least I hope it won’t be undone in a later cross-comic event. People do need to die occasionally or mature or change. One reason I don’t really like Supes or Wonderwoman or Bats is that they are immutable. You know that even if they ‘die’, they will always eventually come back because the character has too much value in the merchandising and movie world.

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