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The Extremely HomoErotic Art of… Oliver Frey


The next artist be be honored with a gallery within the HeroesNHunks Homoerotic Hall of Fame (as a noteworthy trailblazing international artist who had a major contribution to the advancement of homoerotic art) is… Oliver Frey.

Pioneer homoerotic beefcake Illustrator Oliver Frey (a.k.a Oli Frey, a.k.a. Zack, a.k.a. Clint) was born in Zurich, on 30 June 1948. He grew up fluent in Italian ( his parents hailed from Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland) and German. His family moved to Britain in 1956 but subsequently returned to Switzerland where he followed an American correspondence course called The Famous Artists during his high school years.

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by Oliver Frey

As a child Frey loved The Eagle comic and taught himself to draw by copying the drawings of Eagle’s artists. As an adult was able to fulfil his childhood dream by working on the revived version, drawing the strip Dan Dare. Frey began his carreer as an illustrator of childrens books and comics to pay his way the London Film School, illustrating for IPC Media‘s Look and Learn magazine, including the strip The Trigan Empire.

Zackboys by Oliver Frey Ballboy by Oliver Frey Night Moves by Oliver Frey Alley by Oliver Frey
Sweet Ass by Oliver Frey Sauna Lube by Oliver Frey
Rogue - Rollerdisco by Oliver Frey Arena Boy by Oliver Frey Blown Fuse by Oliver Frey Shower Boys by Oliver Frey

Oliver’s brother Franco and Roger Kean founded the computer magazine CRASH in 1983, and Oli became the illustrator for CRASH and its sister magazines Zzap! 64, Amtix and The Games Machine. Many of Frey’s earlier covers featured seemingly random homoerotic images of bare chested youths that had nothing to do with the issue’s content. You can check out much of his commercial work here.

Fun in the Park  by Oliver Frey Training by Oliver Frey
Gladiator by Oliver Frey Lifeguard by Oliver Frey Motorcycle by Oliver Frey Log Action by Oliver Frey
Tennis Lust by Oliver Frey Rogue - Skydiver by Oliver Frey

Oliver Frey is sometimes better known as Zack or Clint, which are noms de plume he used for much of his explicit work published in the 70′s and 80′s in a few British gay magazines. Oli Frey may be the most widely-seen of all gay porn artists simply because he drew some Superman pages seen briefly at the beginning of the 1978 Superman.

Winner Takes All by Oliver Frey Climbing by Oliver Frey Lay of Ancient Rome by Oliver Frey Illustration by Oliver Frey
Illustration by Oliver Frey Southern Kid Comfort by Oliver Frey
Roman Dungeon by Oliver Frey Slaveboy by Oliver Frey Combat Troop by Oliver Frey Friendship in War by Oliver Frey

After years of drawing innocents, Frey found a new genre when he met Alan Purnell and began creating the Hitchhiker drawings. Originally the images were intended for Playguy Magazine but they ended up in Him Magazine, where Frey created his popular gay bad-boy hero, Rogue who combines "the mystery of James Bond, the passion of Cassanova, the exploits of the Marquis de Sade and the imagination of Tom of Finland."

Bikers by Oliver Frey desktop made with Illustration by Oliver Frey
Rogue - Referee by Oliver Frey Illustration by Oliver Frey Tank War by Oliver Frey Slaves  by Oliver Frey
Please Sir by Oliver Frey (as Clint) Thanks Kid by Oliver Frey (as Clint)

Oliver Frey‘s Rogue embodies a whole mythology of gay sex. Some identifed with his predatory nature and others identified with or wanted to be counted among his victims who were generally Rogue’s equal in physical appeal if not in experience. Frey’s extremely homoerotic comics usually show the reader attractive young men in sexual peril, either forced into situations beyond their control or driven to dangerous situations by their own unrestrained libido.

Demon's Seed by Oliver Frey Rogue - Vampire by Oliver Frey Butt Alley by Oliver Frey Message from the Emperor by Oliver Frey
Rip Strip by Oliver Frey Boy From Borstal by Oliver Frey

Frey’s work was part of an underground era unfetterrered by things such as political correctness, and there are some failrly hot if COMPLETELY politically incorrect subjects of which he left us with graphic interpretations. More on that in the Poll after this gallery…

Rogue - Syechelles (part 1) by Oliver Frey Rogue - Syechelles (part 2) by Oliver Frey Rogue - Syechelles (part 3) by Oliver Frey

Since the late 90s, Oliver Frey has been working as publishing director for Thalamus Publishing in Shropshire, which specializes in illustrated historical reference titles.

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    Robert Chandler

    Wow. This stuff is spectacular. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this guy. Thanks for the great article!


    this is amazing

  3. I’m surprised I can’t seem to find any collections of his erotic works. If anyone knows of any, or has additional info on Oliver Frey, let me know.

  4. Wow what a great article about the artist and his work. I have never heard of him although the pictures look like something I have seen in other publication and/or magazines. Cool. Thanks for posting.


    Thanks for exposing me to the artist!

  6. Great work, I want to own it!

  7. As do I, but I have yet to locate any collections of his erotic works.

    URL for his non-erotic art is

    but I am unsure if they are doing anything to preserve his homoerotic legacy (I asked – waiting on reply – I’ll update you). PLEASE fill out their contact form and ask. I’d love to drum up interest in a commemorative edition of his work. Not only because I love his work, but also because he has a few very long and very on-the-edge strips that, while I have to admit, I found hot, I’m not sure how comfortable I am sharing them (HINT HINT join the Yahoo Group)… If You REALLY want specifics… hows this: a story about 2 very young men being taken advantage of by a group of dwarfs at a carnival, or… an interracial romp with the fair haired bellhops of a old time hotel being taken advantage of by a prize fighter and his entourage… Can I go there? I don’t know. Should I?

    I think he deserves one and from what I’ve seen has DEFINITELY has a body of work that could fill such a volume.

  8. Thanks for publighing these. I remember the mag with the Roman dungeon artwork from the early 80s. Great memories….

    Oliver Frey

    Hi guys,
    check out my website if you’d like to buy low-cost, high quality prints of my erotica, or even originals!
    Also, August 2010 a collection erotic Zack comic-strip stories, published by Bruno Gmuender goes on sale: Bike Boy – at amazon, tla and good bookshops that stock gay stuff…

  10. That is WONDERFUL news Oliver! I had very little luck finding collections of your erotic works.

  11. Wow love Oliver’s work if anyone knows where to download from hit me up on yahoo at

  12. I’m insane about Mr. Frey. He blows my mind may he live forever!

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