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Shatterstar & Rictor together again for the 1st time

This week in X-Factor #45 Shatterstar and Rictor FINALLY share an on-panel gay kiss. I’ve been raving about Peter David‘s brilliant run on X-Factor. His take on Madrox the Multiple Man and pals is probably the most interesting X-Title right now (and that’s saying a lot as I’m enjoying Uncanny, Legacy, Astonishing and even X-Force). Not only is the future story arc moving along and telling us a story I just cannot anticipate, but also we get the long-awaited revelation of Shatterstar‘s true feelings for Rictor. I hope Ric doesn’t break Shatty’s heart :) Well first I hope they can keep Cortex (who is in communication with the future of the Summer’s Rebellion – WHAT WHAT?). If I had to put money on it, the divided storylines will probably all come to a boil about issue #50.

Shatterstar kisses Rictor

If you know your original X-Force, you might remember subtle innuendo that sparked a fair amount of speculation about the nature of the close friendship between two of the male characters. At the time, Marvel supposedly said they were not gay. In a recent article, creators said that Shatterstar and Rictor WERE planned to become involved romantically, claiming the subplot wasn’t dropped “Marvel pressured to keep Shatterstar and Rictor from becoming a couple” but because “when the creative team changes, things get dropped”.

From the looks of the big reveal above, Peter David has picked up that dangling sub-plot and is really running with it. It’s about time! As far as I can count, both Shatterstar and Rictor are now ahead of Northstar, although he was the first out -and-proud superhero, he still hasn’t had a kiss onscreen (or has he – if he has – send me a pic).

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    Honestly I just couldn’t ever pick up X-Factor cause I really don’t like anyone on the team currently though I heard it is an OUTSTANDING book.

    I am really excited Peter David put this scene in! He is a fantastic writer.

  2. I think it’s about time that the two of them come out as a couple. Come on, you could totally tell they were doing it way back in nineties!

    Aman About Town

    It’s about frakkin’ time!


    Would you believe that I dropped this book with this issue! Aargh!

  5. Well then, I’m glad I told you about it so you can rush out and buy it. Why would you drop X-Factor? I love this book. Given if you gave me a list of the characters and I hadn’t read it, I’d be unmoved and probably not that interested, but I really enjoy what Peter David is doing with these characters – and love the new ones he’s added – yay for Ruby Summers and incontinent Doctor Doom!

    I’ll be interested to see if they make it an off-panel past sexual relationship, or is this their first kiss? Hoping for the former.


    I can’t believe it took like 10 years, but they’re finally going to out them. After putting Shatterstar in the mental hospital, this is a long time coming. Makes me feel bad for Northstar. 17 years of being out of the closet and he’s still never kissed a dude.


    I know. Poor Jean Paul. I hope he gets some action soon in X-Men. I bet a love interest is likely with him taking public interviews in the Castro.


    It's nice that Marvel's finally backed off of their homo-skittish editorial policies a bit, but yeah, seriously — Northstar's been out for almost twenty years now and he still hasn't had an on-panel kiss (and keeps falling for straight guys), Billy and Teddy barely even get to hold hands, Karolina and Xavin are dancing on the edge of the Lesbian Death Syndrome that's already claimed Heather, and this seems to be more for shock value than anything else. I dunno. Seems like too little too late, the competition's already done it better, and I'm just waiting for one or both of these guys to die by the end of the arc a la Freedom Ring.


    I agree that Jean-Paul needs some action. I agree that seeing him on panel in San Franciso's Castro District is a good sign. The gay boys of the marvel U Castro District would be on a world-famous, out-and-proud superhero/olympic level athlete like bears (not to mention the cubs, twinks and musclemen) to honey (pun intended).

    I think they'll stick with Rictor being "bisexual," which may become a problem is Rhane ever returns. I'm sure her upbringing will make her REALLY understanding about Ric-n-Shatty. I don't know how much of the subtext relationship they'll retcon, but I'll pick X-Factor up next week to find out! Thanks for the heads up – I ran right out and picked this up the other day after seeing your post.

  10. When I was reading X-Force in the 90's one of the things that kept me comin back was the hotties on the team (Hey I was a teenager and our cable channels sucked). Cannonball, Warpath, Ric, Star I mean COME ON! But I realized it was the adrenaline jock title and nuanced relationships weren't gonna happen so I took it for what it was. Then issue 43 came out with that club scene with ric and star and I loved it. Then AoA and the creative team change at 44 kinda sidelined all that. I remember in issue 45, someone in the letters page asked if star was gonna turn out gay and to me it seemed like the first time someone brought it up. Then since then it's been to limbo with both of them for so long. I honestly picked up X-Factor cause Madrox is my favorite char. next to Reed Richards but now I'm glad I stuck with it (The awsome writing and interesting takes on these characters had nothing to do with it, swearsies). Been waiting 14 years since X-Force 43 (I think) glad to see someone doing something with them cept dancing around it.

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