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The Extremely HomoErotic Art of… Josman

illustrated gay porn by
illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by

I’ve come across the erotic gay sequential art of Josman a number of times in my incessant googling of Gay, Comics, Illustration and bookmarked a number of sites for later reflection. Although his constantly recurring incest theme isn’t really my cup-o-tea, his illustrations are just beautiful.

Josman’s work is regularly featured on (his illustrations accompany articles and hot stories) and in the “ass-pounding stories” of Handjobs Magazine, which publishes “Daddy-Boy” erotica, focusing on young gays (all of legal age of course) who prefer having sex with mature and experienced men to fooling around with guys their own age.

Handjobs Magazine has published a collection of his work You can buy it here and read a full interview with the artist here.

illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by
illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by
illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by
illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by
illustrated gay porn by illustrated gay porn by

The mysterious artist known only as Josman, prefers not to reveal any personal information and will only say that he is based in England.

Josman’s career as an erotic artist began with his first erotic web comic, “My Wild & Raunchy Son,” a story about a boy who seduces his father. The story received so much attention he followed it with “My Wild & Raunchy Son II,” and soon was getting offers for work from magazines like Handjobs and Websites like Nightcharm. Parts 1 and 2 can be found on I found 1, 2 AND 3 here!

Below are 3 short Josman strips I found at imagefap… Cellmates, The Plumber and Twins. All originally from Handjobs Magazine

Cellmates from HandJobs Magazine by Cellmates from HandJobs Magazine by Cellmates from HandJobs Magazine by Cellmates from HandJobs Magazine by Cellmates from HandJobs Magazine by
The plumber from HandJobs Magazine by The plumber from HandJobs Magazine by The plumber from HandJobs Magazine by The plumber from HandJobs Magazine by The plumber from HandJobs Magazine by
Twins from HandJobs Magazine by Twins from HandJobs Magazine by Twins from HandJobs Magazine by Twins from HandJobs Magazine by Twins from HandJobs Magazine by

Josman’s traditional gay porn scenarios with a daddy/boy twist are damned hot. In addition to the prison, plumber and twin sex above, his other stories treat the reader to lovingly drawn scenes with hot sailors, a hot tutor, construction workers, gym rats, not to mention an incestuous family reunion orgy and countless literal father/son stories.

illustrated gay porn by

via JosmanArt, Handjobs Magazine, Gay-News and ImageFap

cartoon fun at

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    rolondo raposo

    I like to see more of the cartoons. I’m 67 and enjoy adult cartoons,mostly those dealing with sex


    I injoy it too


    me as will


    like the Pic

    Steven Haskell

    I am into Nipples teasing stories ( Group, Bears,Chubbys)
    Where there is a lot of nipple whorship.
    I clud a Pesonal story
    where the the person was wheelchair bound

    George T SLC

    Any idea where to find the Josman with the “gym rats”?

  7. Fuckin’ love gay male cartoon porn. Also love to suck cock,eat sweet cum and get fucked by big dicks.Over 60 and gay as a mother-fucker

  8. Great visuals…instant bone

  9. I got sent to stay with an adult Uncle when I was… young and he seduced me like a real expert. I was his special little boi all summer and since I was still hairless down there he really got off playing with me.
    He taught me to suck his huge hard dick and he popped my tiny cherry and used to shoot his hot cum up my tight little asshole.
    I know some might call it molestation, but I don’t care… it was super hot and he was in heaven fucking me and teaching me to be his secret little pussyboi at such a sweet young age!
    I love to tell interested men about it…
    ~ Scotty

  10. My comment I forgot to say what I thought of this post. Thanks for reminding me, it’s good and did what I like cartoons to do for me… remind me of how it looked and felt when my Hunky adult Uncle was living out his taboo fantasies with my delightfully fresh and nubile young body.
    If I had to make a suggestion it would be to (as much as can be gotten away with) put more emphasis on the older/younger age difference that made my summer as a kid all alone with my burly Uncle so incredibly erotic.
    I sometimes have a bit of a hard time finding a consistent source for cartoons about an experience many, many young boys have had at the hungry hands of boylovers.
    As I said, I know what we did was “wrong”… but he made it feel sooo right and I couldn’t have stopped him if I had wanted to. Many adult men share this memory and often indulge in it as well and there needs to be some art about that whole aspect.
    ~ Scotty

  11. I agree with Scotty, there should be more emphasis about the age, for example the old guys should look older like 40′s or even older. The young guys should look even younger, almost like kids ( and I’m saying “almost”) and also lets get real some kids don’t exactly enjoy their first time but as time passes the fuck or fucks continues they get to enjoy it and the drawings should push it a little further. Put their first time as if it hurts a little or much, but when they get to the inevitable point of climax they should look worried that something is happening and that is their transformation

  12. Im triying to find the comic of the boys in the farm (the blonde boy with oranje t.shirt and the brown hair boy) can someone help me?

  13. sooo hot these animations… i never knew these scenes could
    be so fuckin hot…

  14. I just went back here and reread whay I wrote and what Richy wrote… and I think I like Richy! He has all the right ideas. The men, who actually usually are a little older… forties (like my own Uncle) should be drawn older and the boys… well what can I say? Richy had it right, they are statistically usually younger than you would ever likely see on Josman or Handjobs.
    I have found some wonderful stuff, and I’m talking about gifted artists who are obviously either drawing from past experience or maybe even current events that loks almost like photos that have been over-drawn, the same image in a detailed drawing. Trust me, I should know!
    I really wanna correspond with Richy… Richy, if you ever read this, email me. We need to share experiences and images! So write me and lets talk Man/boi! The real deal!
    Hell anyone who likes hearing true accounts of adult men sectretly taking a small, sexy little horny prepube and uses him as a sex toy… you should write me too! What my Uncle did to me will make you pop a nut!!!
    ~ Scottyboi

  15. It just fuckin sick to be turned on by older men and children -what do you think bigoted straights have acused us for decades ??

  16. I used to stay with my grandmother for the summer holidays; slept in the same upstairs room, on a camp bed, with just a thin sheet over me…woke up one bright morning and noticed that she was taking a lot of interest in my 15 year old morning erection. She had her arm over her face, pretending to be asleep, but she was definitely taking a good look… The sheet had fallen away during the night and there I was on my back, naked and alert.(Grandad had died many years before, when she was still young… must have been tough for her over the years, no one to jerk-off or play ‘hide the mouse’) .I let her gaze at it and my balls for a while, then rolled over and pretended to sleep. Later that day when I was taking a bath, she suddenly came in and offered to rinse my back, talking to me like I was a toddler again…I realised what was happening, got an instant erection (nowhere to hide) and stood up facing her, as innocent as a saint, with a throbbing cock and my wet hairy balls dangling inches from her face; she was on her knees at that point at the dge of the bath. I’d never been embarrased getting erections in changeroom showers with boys (actually liked it a lot) so I wasnt embarrassed at all at showing off my favorite toys.Surely she must have wet herself at that point?. I just played along as innocently as I could. She scooped up some water and let it drizzle down all over my chest and cascade around my bush and balls…my cock gave a surge and spunk flew everywhere…here, and there, and just to the right over there…Never happened again; I think I got more interested going camping and sucking schoolmates cocks…but I like the thought that I sexually-assaulted my grandmother, bless her heart..she must have had that facial seered into memory to last the rest of her life?

    hot shot

    Josman must have died, because nothing on the internet is new.

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