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Mason Wyler launches

Yet another hot adult film actor has launched their own blog. This time its super sexy porn pup Mason Wyler. Mason has been blogging for awhile on his MySpace page, but was censored a number of times by their policies. I’m going to watch for out his uncensored comments and stories at He’s “on a mission to get a Doctorate in Education, run a marathon, win a bike race, raise money for The AIDS Foundation and The Multiple Sclerosis Society, and to win my boyfriend back.” Sounds like he has some admirable goals. Best of luck on all fronts Mason!!!

Mason Wyler Mason Wyler Mason Wyler Mason Wyler

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  1. i would love to be in porn but don’t know hot to get started…

  2. Getting into the porn industry is very very difficult if you are a man. You must be able to get it up, keep it up, and then cum within 2 or 3 minutes of being asked. That is a given. You have to be at least 7 inches and very thick, preferably over eight. You have to be in some kind of physical shape, and you have to have stamina. You have to be willing to work with any girl in any situation, and be prepared for stop-start sex.

    Sending pictures will get you nowhere. You have to actually GO to the studios and introduce yourself and then they will take naked polaroids of you and get back to you. But even then, your chances are minimal.

    There is always a market for porn actors, regardless of your background and personal requirements, but at the same time you have to have (a) talent, (b) luck, and (c) you must be in a good location. New York, Miami, San Fran, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Prague, Budapest, Montreal, Toronto, Vegas, even Minneapolis all have decent porn-producing studios, but 95% of the top adult movies in the world today are produced in Porn Valley. That is the San Fernando Valley in NorthWest Los Angeles, California. If you don’t live in or near that valley, your chances are automatically significantly smaller.

    If you’re looking for low-budget internet porn jobs, they are out there, and searching on yahoo and google and excite can be productive. Instead of looking for advertised jobs, look for actual sites which offer the kinds of porn you’d like to be involved in and think you have a chance of being involved in). Then, make sure the porn is made by and for the website itself, then contact the webmasters and owners of the site and try and strike up a negotiation for an appearance in a movie for them. Of course, you need to have your photographs and details online.

    Gay porn stars are always needed and if you’re willing to do that, unless you’re completely unattractive to most men, you will get work in LA.

    If you’re thinking of mainstream acting or what not, you almost certainly will be exposed by the paparazzi. Once you do porn, your ENTERTAINMENT career is permanently red-flagged. Just come up with an alias and make it clear that your identity is to be kept a secret. Many pornstars do that.

    If you’re looking to get into gay porn in particular, it’s simple. Move to LA. Go to the gay porn studios (they’re in the book, they’re all over the place), and walk right in and audition. They’ll know within five minutes if you’re what they’re looking for and they’re ALWAYS hiring.

    Agents and agencies are sometimes OK but usually not, be very careful. The best thing to do is to write to a few male porn stars and ask them how they got involved, and how to get involved, agency/agent/studio wise. They’ll tell you. It will probably even be in their online bios.

    Anyway… bottom line is… if you like the sun, go to Los Angeles. If you don’t, go to Germany, the Czech Republic or Hungary. Because you’re not going to find work anywhere else unless a miracle happens.




  4. I am not a prude, but the honest truth is, porn actor’s are on the bottom of the social totem pole – in public you might get some attention at a gay bar function or etc…but remember the dude who won the American Idol thing,
    all he did was dance and whore a little on the side, and where is he now….

    I’m in the entertainment business, so I’ve seen a lot and done a lot, right now I’m running auditions for a mainstream gay event, and the one rule: no porn actors, why?

    Lets face it, people in that business have no sense of self worth – they tend to be passionless, and empty, and untrustworthy, hence the murder trail in Penna. and the kid in San Diego, is just as guilty, but thats another story…

    Whats his name the porn actor turned singer ( I can’t even remember his name ) got a great voice, but will go no-where, because who wants to listen to a man who sucks cock for a living sing about love ? I could go on, and on, even with the women success is limited beyond porn Jenna Jamison was a fluke and a flash….Marilyn Chambers’s is a burnt out old whore now…and the list goes on

    getting your ass fucked on film for public comsumption might be exciting in the short run, but in the long term it’s the worst choice anyone could ever make…

    you have a choice in life, you can bring something good to the table, or something base and animalistic, watching dog’s fuck does what for society ?

  5. awsome trent sent me and said he told you about me….. id love too!

  6. huh? cryptic much? Trent who? you’d love to what?

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